Our products make history - for more than 100 years​

​​Raymond Brothers Impact Pulverizer Co.

Founded in Chicago, Illinois USA.
- Manufactured mills and separators.
- Gained initial recognition by introducing air separation into the pulverizing process making it possible for particle size classification within the mill.

Receives patent for air separation into pulverizing process

Purchased by Combustion Engineering.
Forerunner in pulverizer innovation introduced a line of products still used today.

Raymond Kiln Mill, the predecessor to today’s Raymond Flash Dryer   

Raymond Bowl Mill was introduced with its rotating bowl and stationary grinding rolls.
VR Mill with capabilities of 350 TPH eliminating the need for more expensive ball mill to grind raw mix in cement plant operations. 

1980 to 1990
Raymond Jet Stream Classifier which produces separations as fine as 90% minus 2 microns. The Raymond Roller Mill System for processing granular products with minimum fines.

Formation of the RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW Division of the newly-founded ARVOS Group


C.O. Bartlett-Snow Company.

Founded in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
- Offered original equipment desi​gns for a variety of applications for the coal, steel and foundry industries.
- Became involved with reclamation or disposal of industrial and municipal wastes.

Bartlett-Snow Rotary processing dryers, kilns, calciners and coolers for granular solids, powders, sludges and filter cakes has played an important role in the process industry.

Bartlett-Snow’s standard steam-jacketed dryer was adapted for the patented Cobwell process to treat municipal waste

Purchased by Combustion Engineering

Early 1970’s
With the environment a national priority developed the rotary kiln incinerator which reduces toxic materials to harmless elements.

Development of a ceramic lined electrically heated calciner capable of a processing temperature of 2,650°F (1,510°C) which is unique in the world.

Formation of the RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW Division of the newly-founded ARVOS Group