Having set standards for more than 100 years  under the brands Ljungström®, Schmidt'sche®, Schack®, Raymond® and Bartlett-Snow™ the ARVOS Group businesses are all unchallenged technology and market leaders in their fields. Providing best in class heat exchanging and pulverizing solutions and advanced lifetime services, ARVOS Group supports its customers in growing their businesses whilst simultaneously contributing sustainably to environmental protection through enhanced energy efficiency.
Combining innovation and dedication to excellence ARVOS Group will continuously enhance its technological leadership to always offer best in class solutions for its customers.

​​​​​​Air preheaters and Gas-Gas Heaters for thermal power generation facilities (rotary regenerative heat exchangers).

​Heat transfer solutions in a wide range of challenging applications in petrochemical, chemical and metallurgical processes.

​Thermal processing​ and grinding of various mineral types used in industrial applications.​​