Compliance with Environmental Health and Safety regulations globally is an integral part of ARVOS Group's strategy and is supported by five pillars of the company's strategy: active leadership; workforce engagement, processes; environmental and corporate social responsibility, and effective personnel and organization.

Therefore, ARVOS Group has systems in place to assure the compliance of environmental and safety regulations with the local government regulations. As the group follows a zero tolerance policy for any kind of lost-time accidents; comprehensive programs, trainings and tracking systems as well as audits are in place to achieve the given targets.

The ARVOS Group with its two Divisions LJUNGSTRÖM and SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK is a highly recognized technology leader with outstanding quality standards. A comprehensive plan covers an effective quality management system (QMS), including quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC) and continuous improvement (CI). These systems secure ARVOS Group's high quality standard and the QMS certifications.​


   EHS Policy (EN)

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   EHS Policy (DE)

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