Export Control

Embargoes, boycotts or other restrictions which prohibit or restrict the import or export of certain goods, services or technology (Export Control Laws) are enacted from time to time by either transnational or international organizations (e.g. UN, EU) or by certain countries. ARVOS as a group of companies which, directly or indirectly, export products or technology or perform services outside their own country (including technical assistance and training) is obliged to comply at all times with Export Control Laws, and to ensure their correct implementation. For this reason, ARVOS has implemented internal policies and country specific procedures in order to make sure that Export Control Laws are adhered to at all ARVOS sites.

ARVOS expects its business partners (e.g. agents, resellers, suppliers, consultants etc.) as part of the ARVOS export or import transactions to also strictly comply with Export Control Laws and to provide export control and foreign trade data in a professional and timely manner, and to implement appropriate Export Control compliance standards and procedures for themselves and their supply chain.

In addition to these basic requirements, further requirements are to be taken into account, e.g. due to specific national, person-, organization- or product-specific requirements, which must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


   Sanctions Policy, April 2022 (EN)

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